Beginning in late November, NETRMA will have a new Pay by Mail provider. Cofiroute will handle billing for toll usage that occurs after the middle of November (this date may shift). Depending on your frequency of toll usage, you may receive bills from both MSB and Cofiroute for a few months. Please make sure to use the remittance slips included with your bill to ensure your payment gets to the correct vendor and double check any bill pay banking instructions. You may visit Cofiroute’s new Pay by Mail website at for more information beginning November 28.

Dispute a Toll

Vehicle owners are required to pay for travel on North East Texas Regional Mobility Authority operated facilities. For tolls to be waived, a vehicle owner must demonstrate one of the following:

The vehicle was sold or transferred to another party before the referenced travel
The vehicle was reported stolen before the referenced travel
The vehicle was leased or rented before the referenced travel

If your vehicle falls in to one of these categories, complete the corresponding form below and submit the form and supporting documentation to the appropriate agencies.

You can also submit your dispute via email to or fax 512-371-9994.

Municipal Services Bureau
NETRMA Processing
P.O. Box 16777
Austin, TX 78761-6777

Texas Motor Vehicle Transfer Notification 
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Download the Toll Violation Defense Form 

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Vehicle Transfer Notification Letter from Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (Examples) 

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